E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I didn't do much yesterday. Christine says i needed all that rest: i think i might have forgotten my antidepressant.

One thing i did was yank out all the contacts i had ported to google from my address book, purge all the contacts from my phone and EVENTUALLY have Missing Sync shove the addresses from my address book back onto the phone. I'd put the addresses in google's contacts thinking i would be able to use those addresses in google docs & google circles, but no. They did sync with my phone at one point, bringing stale duplicates forward. I'd felt pretty uncertain about trusting google with all those addresses, so yanking them off feels pretty good.

Speaking of addresses, Yay for USPS.com! The ordering interface for shipping labels is delightfully well done. I am particularly delighted, given the nosy customs questions that must be asked to ship overseas, that there's lots of ability for editing. I apparently need to state weights, and i have made all that up at this moment, but will go to the scale in a bit to get the precision. I've saved addresses in an address book so i expect that next year i will have more ease shipping. The one thing not so well done is that there could be a bit more of a hint that, since i checked that i was shipping a gift in one place, the right exporting exclusion code is "NOEEI 30.37(h)."

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