E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I was wakeful early this morning, but didn't get the laptop out until 5. This switch to pacific time isn't going easily.

Work worries: more staff effectiveness issues being questioned.

Then there's the additional sense of re-entry into my life and trying to figure out how to slip back in. I am still sorting through email, which is more an indication of computer issues than email responsibilities (and my insistence that i don't keep my email in the cloud).

--==[time passes, calls to family, eBay shopping]==--

Your Light for my grandmother's husband would be appreciated. It sounds as if he has had a stroke, and that they did not respond promptly out of a desire not to be caught up in a medical fight against death. It seems that once my grandmother reached out to my father (who was visiting with my mother's family an hour or so away), my parents got him to a hospital. (Much more clear news via my father instead of via my mother) He fell and hit his head Friday night but didn't want to go to the hospital. On Saturday he had a seizure and my grandmother called my Dad for help in getting him to the hospital.

--==[the day passes: work, lunch, photos, walk]==--

Recent news is that he was going to be released as he was "clear," but then he has had a massive heart attack while in the hospital and has been rushed to surgery.


Now trying to get a stack of work done.

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