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Travel home

Yesterday was an awfully long day. I'm glad that on Thursday i was able to go walking in the nearby woods twice -- once, chattering on the phone with my sister, having my spirits lifted -- as Friday was wet and grey. Friday was a fairly full work day, with somewhat fewer meetings, then i left and had a wonderful early dinner with [personal profile] laughingrat at Zen Cha in Columbus, en route to the airport. Delicious food and chai, lots of laughter during our conversation. It was like a magic eraser of all the aches of the visit.

The 7:45 departure was the last flight out of the terminal at CMH, and the empty security line was surreal. I crocheted, i listened to the end of my Mary Russell novel for the trip, The Moor, starting another Bloody Jack story. A nice, stiff gin and tonic despite (because of?) New Director's adamant insistence that one should NEVER drink why flying. In Minnesota, there were flurries. I had a nice long walk to my gate without rushing: the flight to San Francisco was nearly empty. Unfortunately there was a delay for a maintenance issue, then the deicing unit near our runway had had a power outage, so we had to use some other deicing unit. My arrival home was delayed by an hour plus.

Fortunately, as the flight was nearly empty, the wait for luggage was negligible. I've slept in today, and am now trying to sort out the state of my genealogy database, along with synchronizing my personal machine with the external drive i carried. (Christine is napping.) I don't think OSX 10.8 likes being ported around and restored.

--==∞ ==--

Oh dear, i head Christine bemoaning "Feathers everywhere!" Greycie Loo is such a huntress, and i encourage the victims to our deck. *guilt*

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