E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I feel the blues creeping up on me, so i've read with the diode SAD lamp blazing in my eyes.

I am thankful these planning meetings give me an opportunity to travel to Ohio so i can be face to face with my colleagues.

My gratitude for being well compensated leads me to thinking about how to leverage that blessing:
those recorded elsewhere.


Clothing: so, how do sales work near the holidays? Am i better off buying clothes before or after the 25th? Once upon a time the after Christmas sales were the best bet.

Also, is there a known hierarchy of department stores? Looking at Vallco Mall and Stanford Shopping Center, i imagine the posh to not scale starts with Neiman Marcus, i guess at Bloomingdale's & Macy's relative postion and then think the other ones fall out. Are prices sort of standardized across stores or would a Macy's that is the poshest store in one Mall be cheaper than a Macy's that was the cheapest in another?

Neiman Marcus
J C Penny's
Sears, Target

I really don't enjoy clothes shopping, but if i can be strategic in a way that frequent shoppers are, i might be able to patch up my wardrobe. The biggest issues right now are just the wear on & fit of basic tops.


It looks glorious out there today! The weather had been warm and rather wet yesterday, much like what i suspect it's bene in California. Cold and dry was what i hoped for, and it looks like i'm getting that today. i don't think i'd be able to get in a walk after... maybe tomorrow i can plan to get in a walk before the meetings in the little natural park.

Tonight i ought to make myself use the treadmill down stairs. Last night i did not.

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