December 4th, 2021


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Christine came home from our local dealership with some distress. She'd gone in for a spare tire and a cosmetic repair: the Honda emblem on the trunk was weirdly damaged, melty-faded. I wasn't party to the discussions that set expectations, but they were essentially pop it off and adhere a new one.

Turns out the whole trunk needs to be disassembled to replace it, to which she said, "no," but apparently someone didn't get the memo and now they've broken something with the trunk and it's not water proof. I admire how well she carries herself in situations like this: "I'm not having a good customer experience," and clearly expressed she was going elsewhere for the repair once the pard they broke comes in. The manager clearly recognized they erred, and waived labor charges for the circus.

On the other hand, i know that events like this heighten her distrust of everyone, and her send of being embattled. I wish i could ease that. I just hope the emblem on the car doesn't become a regular reminder of this event. (How hard is it to say, "I have no idea, let me find out and get back to you?")
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