December 2nd, 2021


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I expressed some angst to Christine, partly about how we have dinner in such a way that it leads into watching TV for the rest of the evening (and not progressing on personal, household, or work things). She suggests we attempt some meals at the table. This could be the beginning of a lovely habit.

Committee meeting Thursday evening is comfortable, even with tech issues and my sense of urgency unmet. I suspect that sense may be left over from work.

Marlowe is demanding pets and attention. I love how cats offer a role model for confidently asking for attention.


We've moved into "Abnormally dry" locally and are in a drought, generally in the state. No significant rain expected this month. In a way, this offers me the flexibility to pick days off for this month and expect that i'll be able to work outside. (Might get cold.)

Dismissed some email to the "won't be responding" pile. I can't go back in time to be a better correspondent and keep up with being a better correspondent in the present.

I received a gift of smoked mullet and immediately put it in the freezer. By the time i realized that was wrong, the fish was frozen.
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