December 1st, 2021


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Therapy on Tuesday was useful as i saw how much i was holding myself responsible for the lousy conversational skills of my family of origin. This explains some blues.

I'm trying to make some plans that might help all of us in conversing more.

I went shopping in the evening at a near by distillery that has lots of local foodstuffs and bought gifts for family in Florida: . Buying the premade gift boxes might have been a better plan, but this way i can at least stuff a bunch of dried okra in each as a personal touch.

The "beverage district" is an old factory area that now has a brewery, distillery, meadery, and a onsite-farm to table restaurant. Christine doesn't like the location, but i think i will be a lovely place to hang out some time. Some slightly warmer time. There was a small group in a back room -- seemed to be a group meeting for a purpose -- and the conviviality was lovely to hear. I am so disappointed at the upswing in the statewide COVID-19 cases...

So disappointed by so much -- fear as grounds for self defense as a justification for killing another, ridiculous laws that twist enforcement -- growing older and thinking i could be half way through my life if my grandmother is any evidence. The lousy social support network.


- it's been a beautiful autumn
- i'm going to spend time with one of my niblings this weekend and i was delighted at the delighted suprise on his face when i FaceTimed
- our elderly boy-o cats are still doing well and are sweet companions
- Carrie and Marlow are vital and fun
- pileated woodpeckers and white tail deer are our neighbors
- i'm learning to oven fry crispy tofu that's pretty yummy
- our new car is still fun
- our old truck is still fun
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