November 11th, 2021


Random snippets

OK, my inner calendar needs a jump start. Someone wrote to remind me something happened at the end of September and my "yeah, but that was only..." shocked me with the recognition that we're already a week into November. I suspect the next two months, with the distraction of my brother and his family, will pass in an unexpected way and in January i will be in shock. 2022, already??

I pause a moment to remember stocking up on cat litter for Y2K and promenading at the waterfront in Philly on New Years eve 1999.

The team was planning on working on a bit in the code and was estimating how long it would take; there was much declining of knowledge of how that code worked. "A--, weren't you just working there?" I reminded him of his observations, and it took a while before he could remember why he was working there. I admitted my sense of "recent" had gone awry. Later, i finally found a document i thought i prepared in the summer dated early February.

--== ∞ ==--

Friday I had a number of frustrations, which i remember as i sit down at my work desk. Not only is a small purchase i meant to use on Friday no where to be found after sitting out for weeks and weeks, but also i deleted the collection and sub collection in which all my work references are aggregated in Zotero (but not the contents). I quickly took my personal laptop off line, exported the collection, and have now reloaded it. Next boring phone call (i don't actually have that many) i can sit and merge the many many now-duplicate entries.

--== ∞ ==--

Tuesday night, scallop quiche, with base recipe from thekitchn and the inspiration to add a bunch of my Egyptian walking onions from coconutandlime.

Christine wanted us to sit at the kitchen table to sign the refinance paperwork on Wednesday, so much scrambling Tuesday evening. One thing to get off it was three different jars with herbs steeping in alcohol. I say "herbs" but i am including black walnut tree leaves. I think the black walnut leaf extract smelled amazing - a note of vanilla. I also had narrow leaf mountain mint and yarrow. The excess that wouldn't quite fit in the bottles i mixed together with very old green walnut extract and some of the sweetened spice bush as a first draft amaro.

--== ∞ ==--

The ADHD frame: i'm not entirely sure how it's changed things for me. It's hard to isolate from how my note taking is changing. When i found evernote, my journaling dropped as i had places to record things and i edited some entries out. Now my note taking is going through a massive shift -- i'm using structured data at airtable to list to-dos and log events. The more pleased i am with the techniques, the more interested i am in logging more. Documentation of everything is less haphazard than it was in evernote, where i tossed it in and trusted the evernote search engine to be able to find it. Now documents are carefully filed in a system of directories and a trail of pointers recorded. It's DIY, but it also means my memory isn't what i am relying upon as heavily. (There's a new instinct to the pattern as well: "What if Christine or L-- need to find these documents? What if my memory gets less reliable?") On top of all that, the iOS and macOS application Noteshelf has gotten far more fun to use on the Mac, allowing a certain scrapbooking experience i haven't had since glue and scissors. Mostly my scrapbook is climate notes and weekly clips of North Carolina's COVID risk map. But it's been a place where i can stick photos that aren't wonderful but are meaningful.

But there's an awareness of distractability. Somehow this frame does seem much more helpful than the way i've come at procrastination for ages.
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