November 7th, 2021


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I spent FOREVER -- well, ALL DAY -- on pecans. I decided i would write up my notes and post to two lists because with such an investment, i hope someone else can benefit. And maybe someone will tell me where i can get the trees i want at $30-ish for five gallon trees instead of $65 for two gallon trees.

Saturday I woke at o'dark hundred to ride with my father up to my mother's aunt's memorial. When the sun rose we were in the rolling foot hills of Virginia: mountains, i thought as i was growing up, as there's some significant relief peak to valley, but the higher elevations are to the west. The view from the road seemed surprisingly unchanged from the faded memories i have of riding in the backseat with my brother on drives up to see family. I feel like we were headed up there every school holiday and long weekend.

The morning light on the autumn leaves was just lovely as we drove; all golden glow and crisp blue skies. A sad movement as we passed where only shortly before a car collided with a black bear. The car was in the median, spun around, full of airbags, with a little caution tape around the doors to hint that the highway patrol had extracted the passengers. The bear's body remained on the other side of the road.

The memorial was a little surreal -- i've not seen that branch of the family for decades -- and seeing familiar faces and bodies -- daughters aged to the remembered mother, grandsons aged to the remembered sons -- was comfortably strange. I carry guilt about not staying in touch.

We took back roads home, and i should have asked to stop for something to drink. I think i was dehydrated and the craving transferred to sweets, which i impulsively bought on the way home from my parents'.

I shared a little with Dad about the ADHD conversations my siblings and i have been having: he shared that Mom and my aunt had speculated that their father had ADHD. (My sister and i had guessed our grandmother, who was very anxious.)

With the change from daylight savings to standard, one would hope that the extra hour would be a gift, but both Christine and i had a poor night's sleep and ended up using the hour to make up for it.
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