September 18th, 2021


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So, i made fig jam while Mom watched tonight. It seemed better than having her watch shows, although she had been at my sister's where the bandwidth is terrible and her shows froze.

I hear her back in her bedroom, clearing her throat, groaning -- i went back and she went on and on about -- blood? -- people who change their mind? She wasn't distressed. I can't tell if she was thinking about TV shows or what.

Anyhow, so here i am.

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So, that's me.
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Breakfast and lunch (eating notes)

I go through breakfast phases, and it seems like i've been eating the meal forever, but in fact, not.

Right now i have Fage 0% yogurt with either Fiber cereal or Wasa bread for breakfast. When i first open the tub of yogurt, i take the first serving of yogurt out the center, making a well. I'm likely to have this first serving with cereal. The next serving, i pour off the whey that has drained into the well into the cereal. The remaining yogurt is much more solid and i eat it spread on the Wasa bread.

In ... May? June? i made a powder from dried onion greens, celery, and sage. I dusted that on the top for a while. Then i ground up dehydrated strawberries with a little cornstarch and sugar. That became something to alternate with the bright green herb powder. For the past ... month? i've been tearing open fresh figs as a topping.

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Lunches are a little more diverse. Right now okra from the garden features prominently, frequently pan seared. I'm just learning about scrambled silken tofu, and i seems OK. Sweet potatoes are a quick solution, whether just zapped or -- if i plan in advance -- i can have a bunch roasted in the oven that's easy to reheat.

And then there are usually plenty of leftovers.

This week there was plenty of left overs and i was too distracted and busy to bother with getting lunch out.

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For lunch this week with mom, i'm planning

- hot and sour soup (and rice?)
- a pumpkin-coconut mousse: because there's a can of pumpkin that been languishing in the pantry, ditto coconut cream. The mousse is cooler than a pumpkin-coconut milk soup, and mom has a sweet tooth, and this might be a way to get her to eat a veg.
- and then roast sweet potato & okra, which is way veg.

Hopefully that will be different from what Dad fixes and yummy.
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