July 23rd, 2021



I was sitting on the back porch at Grandmámá's early this morning as it got light, listening to unfamiliar birdsong and an unfamiliar noise, as if a bird were nesting up against the end of the house. It was fairly dark, so i didn't really want to be poking around with flashlights like some odd prowler. The sound continued and, as it got light, i went out and found So Many Bats. (Dozenish not thousands, but still.) They were flying at the tiny gaps between the tile and the edge of the roof. Sometimes they disappeared -- getting up under the tile, i guess -- sometimes they seemed to miss. By the time i had returned with my cell phone to take a video, all was quiet.

Dad was Not Happy when i called, but hey, nothing boring for my sister and niece! (Who knows, maybe W-- will want to get in on this before he leaves.)
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