July 22nd, 2021


Spanish moss at sunset (travel)

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The week sped by. I walked a few more evenings, had a long talk on the phone with my aunt one evening, and am now waiting up with Grandmámá for my sister and the niblings to arrive. W-- and i will drive back to NC tomorrow, stopping along the way. We plan to have a group Cuban meal, hurrah! I was thinking i'd leave after dinner, but now want to leave after lunch. I want to go HOOOOOMMMMMEEEE.

Work went adequately this week, given that i didn't work full time (a longer lunch, and stopping at 4 pm). I could have squeezed in a full eight hours but that would have left Grandmámá alone even longer. Admittedly, she slept a lot -- but still. The extremely high bandwidth right now -- 280 Mbps down and 180 Mbps up -- disappeared in the afternoon when i was on conference calls. Very frustrating.

So. Heading home.
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