July 2nd, 2021


(cats, 354, health)

I resent how much time moving to a new data management world takes. Here and there, five, ten, fifteen minutes as something happens (email received, task comes to mind, etc) and i realize evernote is no longer a good home for the thing.

I want to say it's alien to the physical world, having a tool change on you from something useful to something that no longer has the features you need. But that is what happens with something broken and worn out. So i should just get over myself.

I'm doing Edward's insulin shots these days, giving Christine and Edward a break from each other. I don't do the sympathetic "listening" to Edward's squirms that Christine does. We're doing the insulin shot now, buster. The "problem" was Edward was very agreeeable and compliant. Then i think a few times Christine didn't get the needle quite right (going through the skin and out the other side of the fold, injecting insulin onto fur). Then Edward picked up on her anxiety, and spiral happened. Hopefully, my more confident performance will spiral us out. But we're still worried about where he is: a year can bring a lot of change to a older cat. So he's off to the vet today to try and get a urine sample. (Although, why? I though blood sugar levels? Oh, the gold plated vet service!)

Throat still sore. Remembered we had Chloraseptic spray in the house last night. Expired 2020, but whatever.
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