June 29th, 2021


(geek, garden, health, critter watch)

Monday: having a very hard time getting going. I suspect it's due to my sore throat (canker sore, i think), nausea before breakfast (dunno why, ginger helped), the temporary issue at Airtable, the ongoing sort issue at airtable, and the grinding shrieking noise of the bush-hogging being done by the department of transportation on their road easement.

The bush-hogging Collapse )

Tuesday: Yesterday didn't get better, pretty sure the inflammation in the back of my throat is playing havoc with mood. Still, the trimming left the pretty holly and the butterfly weed.

Happy things yesterday: deer to the east of the orchard and at the salt lick, visible from the bedroom. A raccoon caught in the camera trap. Thinking of Sunday's dinner with the lovely sauteed shrimp Christine had prepared, some on leftover cornbread, some in the left over fennel and berry salad. And the box-mix lemon poundcake with careful blueberry garnish.

Upgraded my personal laptop from "High Sierra" version 10.13 to "Big Sur" version 11.4 (20F71). A little bit of a shock as i am on "Catalina" 10.15 at work, and didn't realize this was a major digit upgrade.
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