June 28th, 2021


Other notes from the past week

Collapse )Sunday morning i am had my breakfast a little early, and have added the spicebush jelly to the yogurt spread. Last night i thought all one could taste was sugar and maybe vanilla, but now the spice comes through.

Back to the spicebush jelly: this is a jelly that could be made in the late winter, early spring with ease because the twigs are flavorful. The plants would be easy to find with the very early flowers and simmering down the tea to get an intense reduction might be nice in a cold house. It could even be done in the early winter if i am confident of the trees/shrubs. Simmering and putting cans in boiling water baths in the WINTER seems ideal.

The remaining fruit tree from the previous owners has a handful of apples ripening in the top of the tree. I am delighted a pollinator was found by a bee somewhere! There were not many flowers on the tree: it does make me wonder if there's a chance it's able to self pollinate.

My tech nemesis, a gremlin named Esmeralda, has found Airtable just as we decided i would pay for a pro account. I'm in the midst of moving our grocery list into a database and had set up a list of grocery store locations and customized the order so it would match how we move through the store. And the sort is now behaving erratically. Argh.
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