June 22nd, 2021


(mom and caa, weather, garden)

Mom went to the hospital last night where we found her temporary amnesia was from yet another UTI. Well, my sister found that out around 2:30 am and i found out when i checked my phone. I was going to call Dad, but he got me first -- which is good for him. I could let him know what was wrong so he was prepared for my sister's righteous anger. He "refuses" to understand that UTIs are not what he thinks and has not taken them seriously. My sister has been trying to get him to do what is necessary, and even oblivious-me asked about Mom and a uti ten days ago when hearing of her changed energy levels. So this is marching orders for me to get Dad wrangled into understanding the seriousness of the things he is being asked to do and make sure he does them. (He is all squicked out by having to apply a vaginal cream. I promised i would help him learn.)

I responded to one of the people i like at Meeting (K--V--) who sent me a note hoping i felt a relief from no longer having the responsibility at meeting by sharing a little bit about Mom's condition. I don't so much feel relief as capacity possibility. I want to help Dad with some strategy planning.

Tropical storm Claudette! I was not aware of the storm's nature as it crossed the state and returned to tropical storm status over NC's eastern plain. We have rain expected today, and i hope i collect some in the tank. Our area is still drier than average.

Japanese beetles arrived two weeks ago but haven't been as bad as before: not sure if that's drought or my preemptive spraying with Neem. So far they are mainly on the rose flowers and the chestnut leaves. Ah! I need to check the plum.

The trombonico squash is thriving as it climbs the king box spring trellis we built early this year. The wheat straw, grown in place in the winter, seems to be doing an adequate job as mulch. I have only modest hopes for the crookneck squash, which has been blooming with no fruit set. (I've not checked closely enough to see if they've all been male flowers.) Deer (or rabbits) have eaten tomato plants and pepper plants: hopefully the recent rain will green up some other things to be more attractive forage. Okra has flower buds, so i hope it will bloom. Never again will i mix okra and corn. It was sad last year to see the plants but have no okra.

The field peas are blooming despite someone (rabbits) eating all the leaves off. I don't know that i will harvest enough for a meal, but we'll see. This year the weeds have held off. Breadseed poppies are blooming, which seems late. Only half the bean trellis has beans growing: again i wonder if there will be enough to be a meal. I suppose this is the time of doubt. Maybe in two weeks the warmth and water will have done the needful and everything will be humming along.
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