June 10th, 2021


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This morning, i do the math and try to tell my watch, "Set a reminder for 7:23." (I've slept in! Take that sinus pain!) Nope, i'm too slow. It hears "Set a reminder" and asks me what about. Second try, remembering not to talk slow like the southerner i am, but pick it up. I think of the speakers of English on the Indian subcontinent and how large a market that is. "Set a reminder for 7:23," i rush out. "I'll set your reminder," the watch says, and shows me the text, "Set a."

Well, at least that will keep me from oversteeping my tea.

Except i think i absentmindedly added a second measure of tea to the pot, and it was a little too strong still. I'm working my way through a large bag of "New England Holiday Chai with Vanilla," which presumably has Indian black tea. I find Indian blacks far more tannic than Chinese blacks, and can't wait to have Keemun back in rotation. The alternative tea is a Columbian tea with cocoa nibs: it too is more tannic than the Keemun.

I feel incredibly unmotivated and while i suspect the onset of heat and humidity to be part of it , i think i'm sick.

In my mother's decline, Collapse )

Anyhow, yay for taking a few days off before hosting the whole family here. The internet is very divided over freezing tres leches cake. Maybe the kids will eat it all. I am using a yellow cake mix because i do not do much scratch baking with flour. Instead of just mixing in the eggs, though, i will whip the whites, then fold in well beaten yolks, then fold in the mix. I believe that will technically make it a chiffon or chiffon adjacent cake: more like a sponge cake than without the whipped egg.
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