June 2nd, 2021


(weather, garden, critter watch, 354, geek)

...Tuesday felt like Monday

The new phone (because i smashed the screen of the previous) has led to new headsets because there are no more audio jacks (because "everyone" hates wires, sigh) . Because of skin issues in my ears (ugh) i don't like earbuds. So i bought bone conducting headphones. I think they might work out OK. I teared up when i tried them out — the pleasure of listening and not having anything shoved in or clamped over my ears. Tuesday morning i listened to music for an hour or so: i did have a slight sense of nausea and small headache, and i can't tell if that's due to my cranky digestive system and sinuses or the headset. I wore it all morning on Wednesday -- a couple of meetings -- and then some in the afternoon, including a little music. Again, i was feeling a little out of it on Wednesday and it was noticeable pre-work that i believe malaise is not headset triggered. THis morning, i realize i should take antihistamines and see if i feel better. I want to pretend i have seasonal allergies, but they are 24/7/12.

In other new phone news, major fail applying a screen protector (twice). Despite the bubbles, the stylus glides even more effectively across this new surface, so i'm delighted. I've ordered more to try yet again. I feel a little guilty about the plastic, but electronics waste is also a concern.

--== ∞ ==--

A squirrel and multiple bunny rabbit sightings Tuesday morning. (I rarely see squirrels except when birdseed is out, despite the evidence that someone buries black walnuts in the garden.) Sunday i noticed someone ate all the larger violet leaves at the front door garden, but this time they left enough to act as groundcover. Only observant folks will likely notice all the denuded stems. I'm guessing that it's the rabbits, for whom all the ferns act as fine cover. Seems more trap-like for a deer. Still, some deer bedded down just off the back porch between the fence and the water tank, leaving a flattened bunch of stilt grass.

Tuesday afternoon, the bunnies got even more crazy, doing loops around various yard features and dashing across the fenced in garden. Yeah, i knew it wasn’t fenced against small critters but this was like they passed through the fence like it was air. Eventually four raced by in a line, reassuring me that it wasn't two with teleportation powers. They were adorable to watch. I assume that was their teen age play, and they'll be off to find bunny jobs by Friday.

At dusk, a doe was visible through the back deck glass doors, just outside the orchard fence near the “water feature” (aka in the ground wading pool lined with rocks). I think she drank from it, so i feel a motivation to keep it going as a wildlife amenity. I had just been reading books about water gardens and feeling it was Way Too Much Work. I need to flush the pool, i think, or at least give it a good bit of fresh-er water (from the rain tank, which also has algae).

Later Tuesday night Christine and i went out and watched the ISS pass over head and then the diversity of firefly lights -- some high up and blue, with a stuttering flash, others lower and more yellow and bright and sustained.

Rain Wednesday night, including a nice downpour. Almost an inch is predicted today, although if it's from storm cells, it's a lottery whether it will pass overhead. This weekend looks like the beginning of humid weather: time to get the sweet potato starts out and mow the wildflowers i planted along the front border.
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