April 9th, 2021


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From Thursday morning:

I've been delighted by evening Barred Owl calls for over a week. Not every night but many nights, including the raucous carrying on that is spring delight. On Easter, when i was at my parents with my sister and her husband and daughter, a Barred owl swooped through the woods and caught my eye, perching on a tree outside the dining area. We got a good look at the bird, a magical moment to add to the first time in a year gathering around the table.

Tuesday night i saw my first firefly; last night another.

Dawn this morning i could just see the old crescent of the moon in the east. Next month the wall of green will have erased glimpses of the sky anywhere from the horizon up to forty degrees.

Headed over to M&D's as sister is taking a spring break trip to the mountains ("Not what we were expecting, kinda deliverance," she said about arrival.) Dad's had a rough few days: iPad woes, some times where his needs to go get things done conflicted with Mom's desire to direct him to get things [1] out for her (leaving the job of putting it back on him as well)[2], and the doctor going over Mom's living will with them forcing him to think about mortality and her current condition.

[1] Crystal drinkware and china dishes, this time.
[2] Mom's stroke immobilized leg and arm limit her abilities, her dementia has made stroke recovery out of the question.
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