January 5th, 2021


Dainty dollops (f&f, cats, dawg, weather, 354)

Monday morning: Marlowe proves that cats can get in the way of work without lying on the keyboard, they can lie down on your hands on the keyboard. Fortunately a fussy Carolina Wren (CARW) came along and got her attention. The bird landed on the screen just inches away from her nose. Ha: when the masons drove up she growled (and then ran away). Carrie is barking alert punctuated with chuffs.

Earlier, over the weekend: while it has been wet, and grey, and my rain gauge has been down, it has also been warm. At night and sometimes during the day i could hear frog calls.

Later, Monday afternoon, the sun cam out, first i've seen of it since before Christmas. I harnessed up Carrie and myself and we went to join my sister for a dog walk while my niblings rode bikes. So good to have some day light!

In complaints, Evernote on my work machine is near useless.
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Purple POP (photography)

Tonight images from one of the purple corn cobs. Looks like washing is needed before shooting and that the ring light might not be the best way to illuminate.

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