October 26th, 2020


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Marlowe brought in mouse, quite dead, last night. I left the small body folded in a paper towel on top of the garbage can in the garage, for us to manage during daylight. Apparently it was not there when Christine went to look for it this morning. I imagine a stunned mousie awakening in white sheets with eau de pizza box so close by: is this heaven? This evening a short-tailed shrew was brought in. I placed it at the end of the sidewalk in the dark. If it is stunned, it can find way to a better home, and if it is dead, a possum or raccoon or maybe the fox will find it under the bright moon and take it away.

Managed to forget Friday's frustration of the truck dying on us out of the blue. It leads to complications this week.

I worry about my Dad going to a funeral this week, box it up, and set it aside. There's only so much. We'll stay with my mom during the midday; my sister will come by to do her Mom whispering. Mom's let me help a little with bodily functions, but she doesn't easily do that.

I arranged a gift for a colleague whose aunt died in a horrific mess of incompetence Collapse )
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