September 8th, 2020


(mom and caa, garden, critter watch, depression)

Weather: YES, windows open all night Friday to Saturday. Carrie Dog is prancing and dancing around.

Figs: i picked the other three. These four formed early this spring, the breba crop. The rest... well they've six weeks before usual frost date.

Yesterday i tried to work outside all day but pooped-out early. I am so out of shape. I'd lost one of the wing nuts off the wheeled string trimmer, Mary Jane, and so we did a run to Lowes in the late afternoon. I bought a manual pole saw/pruner instead of waiting for the battery powered, chainsaw-on-a-stick, pole saw to come back in stock. While i will give it a "C" for ease of use and effectiveness, i suspect trees are a whole lot more safe. I did get to prune the tree over our frunt steps so it wasn't crowding the siding on the front porch. I look forward to some pruning on other trees, too.

We'll celebrate Mom's birthday today. Her gift, for which i paid accelerated shipping fees, is supposed to arrive by end of day. Again. I'm a bit miffed but ... whatever. Meanwhile, Fedex's form to get delivery notification needs more hinting about the acceptable format for a phone number.

I read Network Effect, The Murderbot Diaries, Book 5 by Martha Wells last night and early this morning. It had everything i liked about the first book, plus was more satisfying. I do not know why my library has book one and book five but not all the books in between.

--== ∞ ==--

So the gift arrived on Sunday apparently sixty minutes before i was supposed to arrive. Left at the end of the driveway. Which is just silly. I suppose i will begin pruning the driveway trees to make it clear that trucks can pass through.

But after the gathering i felt dull and teary. Very blue. I watched some Lucifer, then went outside and aggressively mowed the orchard, scalping away stiltgrass and goose grass colonies in hopes of a happy reseeding with fescue. The mowing of the orchard isn't as cognitively challenging as the high stilt grass, so i could cope. Monday i was in discomfort: unusual for me nausea, cramping, bloated.... I also was very blue.

Today is OK so far: work is gentle -- still data analysis -- and rewarding. Still easy to go into tears.
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