August 21st, 2020


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Life continues in the way of things going remarkably well but the weight of life is heavy. My body chemistry was out of whack earlier in the week leading to some low lows, which are now fuzzy in my memory.

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Mom watched all of season 3 of Downton Abbey (or it auto-played when Dad turned off the TV but the little Apple TV box continued to churn away?). So now i'm curious-ish about what happened between the beginning of season 3 (Mary marries Matthew; Bates is in prison) and the beginning od season 4. I watched snippets of the show when Christine was watching years ago, but have never seen it all the way through.

I'm sad there seems to be an anthracnose infecting my tomatoes, and worry about how well i can rotate Solanaceae in my small plot. The cages Dad gave me for tomatoes should allow adequate protection from deer while the plants are small, so i think i have a plan for where i could move them. I don't think i can eradicate potatoes from  the plot that easily, and the ground cherries are certainly contributing to the seed bank.

Meanwhile, i really want to get my popcorn off the stalks because of worms and mildew but I'm not seeing good guidance about early picking.

I think goldfinches fledged into the orchard earlier this week. At lunch when i was taking (athranose infected) compost out i saw a poorly feathered young bird -- but wings seemed fully feathered out -- on an orchard fence wire. I moved it to the log fence at the meadow border, and hoped it would be well. After work, Marlowe and Carrie had a dead baby bird, and the gold flash and constant calls of adult goldfinches were unmistakable in the orchard. I looked for any other fledglings to remove and mourned our household's impact. Marlowe may have climbed up and found a nest in the large crepe myrtle that is in the orchard. I hope the birds were fledging though and some made the mistake of entering the arena of fenced predators.

The big Black-and-Yellow Argiope spiders (writing spiders, garden spiders) are beginning to spin their large scale webs. Not up to human scale yet: i've only seen them fill three foot spans so far. Gah, i shudder. I do not delight in the autumn when the spiders' webs cross twenty and thirty foot spans. I can cope when they are above my height, but soon it will be time to walk everywhere waving a stick in front of me.

I think we are coping with the many litter boxes and puppy pads around the house. There is some predictability now, at least, with feline indiscretions, but it's still a drain.
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