July 8th, 2020


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It's been hard to get an entry posted -- lots going on and yet little going on. I sorted ancient USB cables as part of my holiday vacation. I did get rid of quite a pile, retaining a few including a USB mini B to USB mini A cable (what that was for i have no idea, but if i ever need it, i still have it.) And now i have a clue as to the various fast charging standards and have culled wall power adapters that are low powered from the collection.

I'm also designing a shed, and I'm collaborating with someone who will cut down two large pines from right next to the power pole (as well as another large pine that has died from a beetle infestation). The preemptive culling of those two pines will allow us to mill the wood from the trees as the supporting members for the shed. It sounds like cutting siding from the trees is much more expensive than buying the siding, while the benefit of getting nice 4x4 or 6x6 from your own trees is quite cost effective. I've priced out roofing -- i'll use metal on the open south side and translucent or clear plastic on the walled north side. That will allow the back of the shed to have daylight. I have decided to go with a concrete footing rather than using a bed of locally sourced decomposed granite called "Chapel Hill grit." The grit is a bit more expensive than i assumed.

I am grateful for how the previous owners grew gladiola. I would not have grown them on my own, particularly with the advice one lift them for over winter. But here were gladiola clearly left to their own devices (and the deer). Fenced away from the herbivores, the flowers are a riot. I have plenty more to rescue once digging seems like a good idea. [See complaint 1.]

I am thankful for my sister taking on some of my mom's role of instigating family gatherings. We met on the patio at my parents' place for blueberry scones (baked by my sister) and donuts (baked by my niece E) on Saturday morning. Other than the distance at which we sat from one another, it was just what i would have loved on a pandemic-less Fourth of July. [See rumination 1.]

I am thankful for Christine's idea of watching movies outside with family as a safer way to socialize. We sprang for a projector and screen which will arrive soon. [See rumination 2.]

I am so happy that Dad's second surgery last Wednesday turned into merely a esophageal scoping. First, the health condition may merely be acute and not chronic, and all the risk of surgery went away. For me, it meant the wait in the parking lot was fairly short. [See complaint 4.]

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