June 26th, 2020


From Wednesday

I don’t recall what i may have followed up upon on Dad’s surprise esophageal issue, but it seems under control, with additional out patient surgery next week.

One of the three great blue lobelia (a native, not the annual blue lobelia) is blooming in the rain garden. There are also three cardinal flowers (a red lobelia) , and i suspect soon all will be in bloom along with the rose mallows.

Passionfruit has its first bloom.

Tuesday i watched a hummingbird in the back yard eventually wander over to the scarlet runner beans. Those plants are a little thin: i imagine they will do better next year. I am tempted to apply fertilizer. When i finally need to water, i suppose i might. (So far we've had plenty of rain.)

Blackberries are about all ripened and picked. I nibble on them when i go into the kitchen. The berries were massive and tasty. Next year i assume there will be many more, as i look at the thick tall canes growing this year. There may be another flush of berries in the fall from the two primocane bearing plants — a selection for a plant that not only blooms on last year’s growth but also puts forth new grown and blooms on it in the same year.

Blue berries may be ripening soon.... woo-hoo! Two ripe Wednesday! I think there may be enough ripening all at once that i can do more than nibble.

I listened to Christine's fourth chapter in . I guess the feed only fetches a handful of days; better access at https://now.perchancemusic.com/Chapters/index-of-chapters.html I do wish her transcript was in something other than all caps. Some ancient radio practice, i suppose. I do vaguely remember all the text to read was in all caps around the various booths.

There’s a stack of things continuing to go on that distress me.