May 25th, 2020


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Erm. Time seems to be moving oddly.

Saturday i finally made progress on our first (to-be-done-ourselves) home improvement project, cutting a pressed metal ceiling tile down and some trim to fit the opening behind the stove. Our new smaller microwave - new as of November? December? - exposed a differently painted section of wall. It was a little surprising to realize it's our first project. We've had improvements done on our behalf, but this is the first time we'll do all the work, i think.

I've put a tripod that looks like some strange beast above one patch of passion fruit to act as a trellis. Passioncritter. Christine's thinking we could attach the dear skull i've found to it -- i can't figure out *how* to attach it, but i think it would look fascinating. Not entirely sure what else could be used to construct a beastly head.

I've found a rebar post in the garage that i'll use to train the trumpet vine as a standard (eg: the vine running straight up and then branching out like a tree).

I got some corn in the ground from my 100 starts. I don't think they are quite mature enough: i managed to pull some. Maybe Monday they'll have just enough more growth to be easy to manage to get in the ground.

Shopping. I'm more aware of my shopping now, i guess.

* I put in an order for "impulse" annual flowers (Zinnias because i threw saved seeds into areas at abandon and maybe they'll never come up. Marigolds because i only had two germinate and lost all the other seed in the mystery wet seed episode. Impatiens for the hanging baskets that have been empty all winter) and a case of tiny 4 oz jelly jars to be picked up when i pick up my sweet potato slip order.

I'm trying sweet potatoes in containers to (1) avoid clay issues and (2) be able to protect the young plants from deer but them move them into the open once there's enough plant that herbivory won't kill them. I'm excited about the purple fleshed & skinned variety, and hope that i have a decent yield. I have been eating sweet potatoes at lunch, slowly getting used to an orange food. I discovered i like savory preparations, not the brown sugar-marshmellow-topped horror i grew up with. (Re: orange foods - i have never been fond of cooked carrots or winter squash or sweet potato.)

* Trying to believe that the new bed can't be worse than the current bed. Hoping the "Temperature balancing sleep surface" really works, given my discomfort Saturday night. (We are in the warming up phase where we we leave nice cool night temperatures behind for the temps at which i am willing to pay cooling bills.)

* Thinking of the eventual trip to Florida, there was a clothing item that may lead to some improved comfort. Lands End was having a sale, so i ended up finding a perfectly appropriate item, plus some other items that will be helpful next fall, plus two tank tops bought at extreme mark down in exchange for not paying for shipping. Hopefully the colors will go with the sweaters i have in mind. Anyhow, that should do for six months.


* person insisting their Meeting's list serve is "nonsecular" and open when one clearly must apply with someone at their meeting to be added.

* people who want to meet at the meetinghouse because they are sick of Zoom meetings all the time. (That is a valid frustration, but it's just not mine. My frustration is that "because it is now safe to do so" is not part of the reason.)

* mouldy rye sprouts. Sigh. While a little reading illuminates that there's not ergot to risk, it still seemed... unappealing. I roasted the half that didn't have mycellum and tossed the fungus half in the front yard. Birds, ants -- feast away.
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