May 23rd, 2020


household, garden, cooking, health, f&f

Happy things:

Prednisone seems to be helping. Not as quickly as i would wish but sufficient to get my energy back.

Having barley in serving sized chunks in the freezer, and making a barley bowl for lunch with fenugreek sprouts, buckwheat microgreens, fresh herbs, a scattering of Australian winter pea flowers and sage flowers. Fancy café lunch!

Sunshine yesterday.

Yardening!Collapse )

We've ordered whole new sleeping arrangement. Little worries about not testing in person flit across my brain. Delight at the thought of a number of infelicites being resolved comes to mind. I'm hoping i can cut down the king fitted sheets to a solution for the smaller mattress.

Other things:

Mental cycles being spent on preparing to join my Dad in a drive to Florida if and when his mother's husband dies.Collapse )

Blackspot on the roses. Probably ought to be preparing to deal with Japanese Beetle
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