May 5th, 2020


Tuesday morning (covid-19, garden)

Hard waking this morning: part of me was convinced it was Sunday, probably something pulled from dream time. Waking i have no trouble knowing the day of the week. I'm aware other people have lost a sense of time, a colleague yesterday, a columnist this morning.

The pandemic is a shared experience, but not necessarily a common experience. And that's not even counting the stark information divides. I finally watched a little news after some very disciplined divestment. Collapse )

Made it through the workday yesterday. Christine mowed paths in the orchard while i used the wheeled string trimmer to clear the mossy areas, trim around the blocks of crimson clover and Best Grass Ever (Dichanthelium laxiflorum) that is going to seed, and mowed the east and front lawns. There's a prediction for lows in the upper thirties at the end of this week, and i continue to wonder what to move out of the green house.
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