April 16th, 2020


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I checked in with my Dad about their finances: they were living off the monthly regular income from Dad's Navy pension and their social security so that's unchanged. The safety net of his IRA is a different story. Still, the current style of living remains unchanged, and that's one less thing to worry about.

My sister told me, as well, that i could stop feeling guilty about not visiting during the week. If i can visit with Mom and Dad on the weekend that helps her have time at home with her spouse. (He's going in to the office to deal with mail, etc, where he is apparently alone.)

I just read the NYT Interpreter newsletter, reporting on a conversation with Dipali Mukhopadhyay, a Columbia University political scientist who studies how societies cope during conflict. In brief, there is much living in the moment, and not making long term plans because of the uncertainty due to acceptance that so much is out of one’s control. It doesn’t sound like it’s a living with abandon with a fatalistic understanding, but more of a living as normally as possible without making commitments. -

I interpret this as still doing the actions one does assuming there is a future - saving what needs to be saved whether currency or seeds for spring or preserving produce - and it may be that many urban dwellers have far fewer actions for the future. What comes to mind for me is how i have put money in a retirement fund over many years while not expecting that the times of my retirement (due to climate change) are going to be like the times when i was making retirement funding commitments.

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This makes me think of how Christine - who has PTSD - has a very hard time when asked about planning months out to see people or travel.

I don’t find that there’s that much impact to my usual longer term planning by the pandemic. I recognize that if Grandmama or her husband dies, there will be a even higher demand to support Mom staying home while Dad travels. Work travel is not necessary to worry about, which is a delight.

Because of the fore-mentioned challenges planning social events with Christine, the rare planning to “get together” with friends is not really changed. So much of the planning i do is general yard (which gets followed through) and various house and craft (less followed through). This is unchanged. For years - not since my mom’s stroke - i had a practice of annually thinking through what foreseeable uncertain events were in the future. Grandmama’s death has been on there for years, hurricanes since moving here, but mom’s stroke and the pandemic, not so much. I need to do that for this year (my planning years begin with my birthday in early March.)

Since moving, i have not particularly had any desire to plan travel. Initially it was the urgency to get the yard “under control” but now there is also so much delight in being in the yard. (And there is still yard work.) My sister and i had been thinking about a plan where i would travel to Florida with my dad in May. Yeah, no.