April 13th, 2020


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Crimson clover cover crop is blooming. I had doubted i'd see any except inside fenced areas, but with the change in weather came a change in what the deer (and rabbits) were eating, and now areas that were cropped close are developing lush stands of clover or rye or oats. The lacy phacelia hasn't been that impressive as a cover crop, but it's hard to judge based on the crazy weather.

The Star of Bethlehem is reaching a peak - i'm picking a small bouquet every day as i don't want seed set to spread. I've given up on otherwise digging up or eradicating in general, unless i find it too deep in the woods.

Yesterday i brought Mom a bouquet of star of Bethlehem (white starry relative of hyacinths), several crimson tassel-like blossoms from the crimson clover, and a bit of worm wood as a filler.

The Eastern camas lily is blooming in the rain garden, a delight. Perhaps i will buy more - Brent & Becky have some lovely blue selections of the western camas.

Saturday i went through a great deal of the seedlings that have been in the greenhouse since February and repotted many.

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Executive dysfunction reigns. It's hard to reflect because it triggers the "gotta dos" and the spirals of chasing loose ends.

I am horrified by the federal government, thankful for the progressive strength in my divided county.

Tears come easily. Distraction frequently.


Mom and Dad. So glad my sister is going back over there now and walking with Mom (walking = a slow pace around the room holding on to the belt to assist her if she falls), and engaging in some of the cognitive exercises.

I developed a cough deep in my chest yesterday afternoon. I suspect it's pollen or my asthma, but it's not a welcome thing.

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My message for last Sunday. I spoke off the cuff at the beginning but was more careful about words towards the end. I don't know how well it came across. Thinking about and preparing this took much of the weekend, along with an hour practicing with Zoom with others from meeting. I was emotionally drained from delivering it.

I will not help with worship for the rest of the year. I had wanted to stay free from leading worship as i acted as clerk, but circumstances unfolded in this way.

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