March 20th, 2020


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Well, if you are in the south east, expect inches of rain this weekend because i left the sprinkler running in the garden all night. It got at least three or four inches of water because the basin i set out to measure by is overflowing. It's a miracle the well isn't dry and the pump burnt out.

When i went out in the dark to turn it off, the headlamp i wore illuminated the pollen streaming in the air. Yay, allergies. Just what's needed on top of health worries.

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Working out some worries here. Collapse )

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My sister's family is getting a satellite internet set up at her house this Saturday, after which my brother in law can work from home. I guess a two week clock starts for them this coming Saturday.

There's a good deal of anger in the county about the lousy internet offering the vast majority of the county has to deal with. I am so glad our connection is reliable. It may not be broadband but it is reliable and i can work with it.

Our state legislature has blocked "socialist" efforts to provide internet and wrote laws that enforce letting the market take its time. Our state representative says there's enough votes to overturn the stupid legislation, but the state leadership isn't letting it come to the floor. The tea party is damaging it's own that way. I can't believe the shortsightedness. Maybe now the law will be repealed, or even better, legislation that ensures everyone has access to affordable internet access.