March 18th, 2020


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My first sense of fear washed through me this morning. I don't feel fear often, i would claim, and the novelty of the emotion confirmed that.

I certainly do get the adrenaline rush, "Alarm, alarm." My sister called recently and the tone in her voice and her first words -- "I'm OK" -- triggers that. She was inches away from where a truck slammed into a loading dock, with her back turned, so she was coming down from the adrenaline that triggered. As a side note, it was amazing to see how a person without trauma issues goes from the shock of near death to tears to prattling on about plans as usual. Wow.

--== ∞ ==--

Bread making comments for last night's batch: Wow, roasted, malted, and then soaked again rye smells AMAZING!!

OMG i'm going to crack a tooth on these dried grains in the very brown bread crust.

OMG is it mooshy on the inside. Is that the fault of rounding out the 1000 g of seeds with 100 g of oat bran and 100 g of flax seed?

Score: Flavor B+. Baking: F. So C? C minus? I think it's edible toasted, but it can't be shared because of the rock hard rye grains. Might put the heels out for critters.

Next actions: find the lowest temperature the oven can be set and use that for rising, not the 225 recommended by somebody's Norwegian mother in law. Next "380 at convection" (which the oven sets to 355) for 80 minutes is too hot and too short.