March 17th, 2020


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Mental exhaustion. Trying to make decisions is hard.

Anyhow, i am sorry to hear of everyone's bread flour woes, and feel a little guilty because i had just place an order for 25 lbs of rye flour. Last night i was transferring from the big paper bag into a 12 quart tub and a bunch of saved ziplock rye flour bags. I was also roasting my sprouted rye grains -- i didn't get a dark roast, because i don't know what i'm doing. I hope i'm not developing a nice strain of ergot. I soaked more rye berries and sunflower seeds overnight so they're ready, and i'm soaking a cup of the roasted sprouted rye.

I dunno if this bread is this good or if i am just a little nuts. This morning i started the sponge with Hans and a packet of yeast that expired in 2015 from my mom's kitchen. The "short cut recipe" i've got suggests a few grams of yeast with buttermilk as a starter.

Doing all this against the backdrop of global reaction is odd.

Anyhow -- i continue to have waves of not feeling well and feeling well. Our thermometer is "mechanical" -- mercury free fluid in a tube -- which i got after a stack of digital thermometers failed to consistently measure temperature. This one isn't impressing me either. I don't think i have COVID-19; if anything i'm fighting off the Flu-B my niece had or whatever special strain of cold virus Christine and i have been raising between each other for the past few months.

But do i go see Mom & Dad? I saw them and hugged them on Sunday.

And meeting is a little over 10 people: what do we do about that.

Well, late for work. Life is essentially unchanged for us so far. I think we will do our usual Wednesday grocery run. I wouldn't dare go today as i imagine there's a wave of worried shopping happening, but Wednesday may be less reactive. Or not.