March 14th, 2020


Procrastawriting (mom and caa, health, bird notes, garden, dawg, critter watch)

Carrie Dog would like everyone to know there, right there, there there are, right there, let me get closer, there! After the first 12 hours of this novel behavior, i saw a little hole in the pinestraw at the base of the large pine. Snake? I booted up with my higher topped boots that came in the mail, heavy gloves, the hoe, and went to take a look.

The hole appears to be lined with rabbit fur: i think it's a bunny nest.

Why, oh why, mamma rabbit, did you put your babies just outside a pen of predators?

My guess is that she can tell the predators don't get out and perhaps the fox and omnivores don't come that close to the fence? And maybe if she's only coming and going when the pets are inside?

But what is Carrie feeling? I swear she exhausted herself standing guard over the spot yesterday. I wonder if she'll feel maternal for the kits by the time she actually sees them?

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