March 6th, 2020


It all goes by too fast (mom and caa, observe, garden, work, drone, 354, seesters)

I didn't keep up with records this past three day weekend, so here's a stab.

Friday i found i had NOT placed a potato order.

Saturday morning Christine and i went to the farm store Collapse )

Sunday morning i prepped to lead worship Collapse )

And this week has blurred by ... Monday off gardening, news that just continues to make me ... push the reality away from my heart and try to focus on what i can do. work is demanding, with the welcome news that there is knowledge that i am "over-provisioned" which apparently is jargon du jour or at least du manager for the fact that i am now carrying critical knowledge for two high profile projects. Christine got me a drone for my birthday; i got it stuck in a tree within twenty minutes. she cut down the tree and rescued it, but now that tree trunk is snarled with others in the multi-trunked gigantic crepe myrtle.

The shift key on my personal laptop is behaving erratically. (although it worked for the open-parenthesis and the previous T - again1 - not the a or the exclamation mark0

mom has a uti; my work last week to research the best bidet for her will be used by my sister today to help my dad order one.