February 25th, 2020


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Meeting with sister was much shortened, but as productive as necessary. We will do daily check ins which i may include here. This year, through December, L thinks she's focused on project management at their home, but we have a goal of going to two classes or lectures or whatever for our future work together. The daily check-ins are to do more with our parental goals than anything else. We're doing the check-ins by text so i don't want to overwhelm with writing:

- What did you do yesterday? Got digital workflows a little more organized, looked up electrician phone number - it's now on your task title in email from me yesterday - planned when to be at M&Ds (Friday this week if Luigi doesn't need frequent medicine after treatment on Thursday)
- What will you do today? Call electrician.
- What obstacles are in your way? Current avoidance of people. Sigh.

My sister is eleven years younger than i. When i told her i would be sixty in eight years her expression was ... interesting. I also told her about menopausal brain fog. She cursed at that.

My (android) alarm program i've used for years - Alarm Clock Xtreme Pro - hasn't really been functional since the last android upgrade. The most critical failure was that i was using it to sound an alert. The alarm would go sound and then stop after 5 seconds at points to help me know when to be winding up or winding down things. The app stopped stopping the alarm, which meant fumbling to get it turned off. And the app was no longer supporting turning off the alarm well anymore. I've purchased a new app http://www.jetkite.com/ and the alarm shuts off -- and then replays after the snooze period. I can cope with that, but i've written to see if that's something expected.

I thing i hab a cold. Curses.

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