February 20th, 2020


Snow Panic (morning writing, weather, bird notes)

My sister's brood is out of school today and likely tomorrow. The snow days haven't been needed till now. They've been out on "teacher work days" a couple of times to the consternation of my sister: that's what happens to the unused snow days. So i can see the county folks saying, well, no harm in using two up for this "snow event."

I'm happy it will get cold. I do wonder if i'll find the roads safe to go to my folks in the morning: it seems unwise to risk slick roads if i don't have to.

Meanwhile a flock of cardinals flitted through the back yard at lunch. How lovely, i thought, until i realized they were eating fescue, clover, and oat seeds. Carrie barked and growled: she wanted out at them, but despite an atavistic desire flaring, i kept her in. Something spooked the birds and they all flew east, and some seemed surprised by the fence. Most perched and went through or went over, but one hen cardinal seemed confused by the over hang and flew back and forth along the fence for a few moments before realizing how to go over. On one hand, it called to mind the epithet "bird brained." On the other, i felt some regret putting a challenge in her way.

The birdfeeder i see from my work window mainly has CACH and TUTI - Carolina Chickadees and Tufted Titmice. My larger feeder is sidelined: i need to drill better drainage holes. Despite being larger, the squirrel cage denies all but very small birds. The other feeder is a wire mesh tube with a little roof and tray. The red bellied woodpecker looks comical hanging on the edge, their body underneath the feeder, tail out beyond it, their head and beak almost the length of a chickadee, as they work to get at the chipped sunflower seed.