February 7th, 2020


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I'm out of sorts.
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Hours later....

Just signed up for a personal account at Equifax to temporarily unfreeze my credit report. The email i received says, "Welcome to myEquifax?" with the question mark. Well, if you're uncertain i'm welcome....

Carrie is adorable as she applies her limpid, deep brown eyes to communicating that she would appreciate the crust of the cold pizza i am eating. Please? Marlowe dragged the empty plastic wrapper of the pack of toilet paper out from under the door (where i had put it in reach of her questing toes) and proceeded to kill it. She is now dashing around like a mad thing, crashing to the top of the cat tree and threatening to ambush me. I've tea made and took the last of the pizza and some bean dip out from the fridge if the power goes again. The rain tank is full. We are safe and dry.