February 1st, 2020


Catching up: cats, mom and caa, elephant, health

When i last wrote, .... OK, Tuesday Wednesday Christine was fighting dizziness and some nausea. It's passed. It left her with some worries. She was feeling a little better Wednesday night so we went over to see my parents before they took another junket to Florida, this time for Grandmámá's 103rd birthday today.

My sister and i made my Dad promise to break up the drive and not let Mom "hold it" for hours (we don't need her to have more UTIs especially when she can't advocate for her health and raise the concern of an infection in a timely manner). My sister is terrified for their driving, Christine thinks they are mad, i think they are doing what they have done for decades and ther's a certain amount of self determination i feel we ought to grant them. Admittedly, when Dad was going on his own, i was behind her in insisting he fly if she was caring for Mom. Different equation.

My physical therapy session went well. Diagnosed as possibly suffering a small meniscus tear, but more "interesting" is an observation of a longer term issue with my knee: some patellofemoral issue where my kneecap is being pulled out of the groove by stronger outside muscles, leading to a "crunchy" feeling as i flex that knee. Since a knee specialist looked at an x-ray a couple years ago and remarked that she was surprised i was not complaining of pain in that knee because she could see issues developing (but sorta a shrug about doing anything about it), i feel confident in the observation. The physical therapist, however, has some nice exercises for me to do.

I'm feeling easier with my knee. There's some discomfort but i haven't made it twinge for some days. I'm hiring my nephew to come work with me outside today. Ten bare root seedlings -- persimmon, elderberry, and sassafras for native food stuffs, willows and a beech for woodland diversity more than anything, yellow buckeye and a witch hazel for their blooms, and a linden to plant as the beginnings of a Swedish garden.

It's been a rough week for Christine with elephants. We had the second incident of some cat urinating on the bed in as many weeks: we don't know Marlowe is to blame. Luigi who is so sweet also has been in some arthritic discomfort for some time. Could he be challenged to get out of the bed at points? It's a little frustrating and distressing, but i am thankful of our nine cats we are only having this issue now, when we have our own washer and dryer.

I am wondering about chloroplasts in lichen. On rainy grey days the lichen on the pine trees almost glows, and the overwhelming color sense i have of the north sides of the trees is a pale green, not the purple-brown i usually register as the bark color of loblolly pines. Does the lichen plump up in the rain, the chloroplasts activated, and the chlorophyll get "turned on"? And then at other times, do the chemical factories that contain the chlorophyll drain it away until needed again? It's just such a remarkable shift in color. Admittedly, the diffuse light of a cloudy day could make some difference as well.

The laptop has returned but i can't remember how i restored images to it over wifi in the past (or did i? Did i just suffer without access to my archive of email on the machine? Which i couldn't do at this point in time.) I'm waiting for a USB-C to thunderbolt adapter and thunderbolt cable to arrive today so i can duplicate the image i've been using all week and the hard drive while the machine is in "target mode". This is one of the machines with one and only one port for both power and everything else and ... oh bah, i could have used the usb-c power hub i got for my work machine to both power the laptop and attach the backup drive. Oh fiddlesticks. Well, i can try that, and hopefully return the cables unopened.

OK, gotta scoot to meet sister and nephew for breakfast.