January 25th, 2020


Pity Posting (354, health)

I'm pity-posting to facebook this morning:

It's a beautiful morning when i would like to be running lopped autumn olive shrubs through my chipper in preparation for ten bare root trees from Country Farm & Home. Instead i sprained my knee falling down the front steps, turned on my lap top to look up first aid instructions and found the monitor screen busted. I am displeased. Fortunately we have plenty of ice packs, ace bandages, and cats. I'm hogging the sunny spot on the bed. Insert cranky emoji here.


Why 354? (354, administrivia)

What is the 354 tag, you may wonder. Once upon a time i was having a particularly frustrating turn with Things Going Wrong. Only the machinations of an archnemisis could explain so much frustration -- at least, only an archnemisis would create an amusement in dealing with the frustrations. What then, would be the name of such an archnemisis? Esmerelda... except she was obviously tech savvy, so 35mereld4 she became.


The 354 tag is full of whiny entries.