January 15th, 2020


garden, retirement plans, health, cats, administrivia

How did i ever get through the day? Especially when more people were writing here? I keep being surprised by finding entries i missed reading when i thought i read. I feel like my "morning quick tasks" and catch up reading take ALL MORNING.

Happy notes:

* i have not developed a lingering cough from the cold i have (still experiencing drainage). Yay for my desultory use of the lung steroid.

* i have identified where i will plant the ten bare root saplings that are arriving soon. I have a little clearing to do for some, and one i am planting deeper in the woods near the one rock outcropping we have. It's an American Linden which will be the core of some future Swedish woodland garden. I did get haresbell seeds too. Anyhow that will begin a deer exclusion test because apparently deer like lindens.

* i'm beginning to have hope that winter rye might grow enough in the woods to fight stilt grass? It's too soon, but i am hoping. There's also a plant called hogs peanut (Amphicarpaea bracteata). I've found a selected variety that is supposed to have high yields, and Lee Ritch of NY state says, "Even non-native, invasive Japanese stilt grass and garlic mustard can’t hold their own against hog peanuts." I assume that deer can obliterate it, though, although most documents refer to voles as the harvester of the peas. (That's what was distracting me earlier this week.)

Perplexed notes: i can't find documentation of what nurseries have to do to get the certification. I am in a invasive fire ant quarantine county and i can find how one treats the soil used in potting plants and -- wow, that looks non trivial. There's also record keeping (i have the records of most all of my purchases and plantings, so that is not a worry immediately), but other than the records outlined in the fire ant quarantine documentation ... whut to do? Fortunately there are three resources we can avail ourselves of. I may leave this as an assignment for L.

Impatient notes: i can't wait for Friday and visit with L. There's a Feb 11 convention at the county convention center for landscapers and plant professionals. I wonder about attending or sending L. Or waiting A WHOLE YEAR for next years.

Perplexed notes - more: now back to thinking the lumps on my forearm are from some inflammation from Marlowe grabbing me with her claws.

Administrivia: so, i don't see tags in exported journal entries. I'm going to duplicate tags in titles. My regrets for the annoyance.