January 13th, 2020



We'd bought an LED collar for Marlowe that appeared to be far to large. The "clasp" has the recharge point for the LEDs and rubber/silicone cups into which one shoves the clear plastic ... cylinder. I was going to say tube but it's not. It's at least a quarter inch in diameter. The clasp was rather large and assumed a pretty large diameter circle. Nonetheless, with Marlowe promptly getting out of the orchard i needed something for this rainy morning. I cut the tube so there was a length that wasn't too large around Marlowe's neck (leaving a length i could easily wear around mine), coiled it up in the bottom of a small cup and poured hot water over it to set the tighter circle.

This morning it went on Marlowe without a hitch, and she danced off into the early twilight. Boing, boing, the pink circlet danced away. I attended to getting the door to the porch open for the boyos to be able to return at will and then went to find Marlowe. She was by the double gate, staring into the meadow, a location that fascinates her. (I believe the Chatham rabbits live in the high arches of the fescue grasses left to grow unimpeded,) She was inside: i could see the light reflected on the posts -- and then the post disappeared. She'd slipped out.

Rounding her up wasn't too hard, thank heavens, and now i know the location to fix. She didn't climb over to the gap between the two gates above the latch: that was going to be harder to address.

Lacto-fermented sunchokes: diced, a tuber, and the jar with the cloudy brine

The lacto-fermented sunchokes seem to be free of the gas-inducing inulin (at least significantly reduced). Pickled with no spices, they taste celery-like and are still quite crisp. I was reading the forager chef write about sochan, another close sunflower relative.
The flavor of sochan could, at first be likened as “celery-esque” but that celery-like flavor is more specifically, to me, the flavor shared by many different Asters. It’s a slightly herbal flavor....

Cubed in a salad, they were quite pleasant. I suspect one could still roast and mash them.