January 5th, 2020


(no subject)

I forgot i was on the low fiber/residue diet and nibbled on my pickling sunchokes. Salty but pleasant enough.

One tiny mouse has been released. I suppose i should set the trap back up again.

The cold has hit Christine hard, and this morning she has a migraine. I'm doing OK. I'll go see my parents tonight after work despite the cold.

I'm thinking of buying a 3 quart "fourth burner" pan for making candy. The tall container would mean that more of the solution would be over the thermometer. I am fantasizing about making hard candy on my little grill in the summer using herbs: it's a while yet before i have mature enough echinacea plants to harvest roots and the horehound is just getting established. My first elderberry is ordered but it's next fall or winter when i will plant selected elderberry plants. But it would be lovely to be able to gift herbal lozenges.

My sister says the maple fudge was a perfect consistency and it's the fudge with the crystallization that is not ideal. Well, pralines have the texture i really enjoy. Maybe another batch of those.

Marlow chased Edward and tried ambushing Carrie as Carrie zoomed around the yard. Such a bold kitten! She could use lots and lots of play. I hope Edward (or Carrie) can figure out a way they'd like to play with her. Until then, i am on string dangle duty.