November 17th, 2019


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1. Do you mustard?
Assuming the verbing of the condiment means "enjoy using mustard" yes, from plain yellow to all sorts of seedy concoctions.
2. Choice of carbonated beverage?
Seltzer or Blenheim's ginger ale, ideally from 1982. The current stuff is still good, but memory is that it used to be sharper.
3. Do you own a gun?
4. Whiskey, tequila, or vodka?
5. Hot dogs or Cheeseburgers?
Vegetarian alternatives.
6. Favorite type Of food?
I'm not sure. I don't tend to frame things as favorites or not.
7. Do you believe in ghosts?
Agnostic: less likely to find plausible poltergeist and spooky ghosts, more likely to be sympathetic to glimpses of a different time or visitation by a passed family member. The "white lady by the road" is perhaps a tipping point in my willingness to consider: the frequency of the motif leads me to believe it's something other than a ghost.
8. What do you drink in the morning?
9. Can you do 100 Pushups? In a row?
No. Probably not cumulative in my life.
10. Summer, Winter, Spring, Or Fall?
11. Favorite hobby?
Not having favorites. Wait, that's not really a hobby.
12. Tattoos?
I imagined getting one after my first year of grad school, but the place i went to on South Street in Philly depressed me with the prices for stock images. So, no.
13. Do you wear glasses?
14. Fears?
I've been recognizing fear as an emotion more. I don't know how much is the political landscape or moving on from having learned more about anger. But i wouldn't identify some persistent driving fear.
15. Nickname?
16. Three drinks?
Tea, water, coffee.
17. Biggest downfall?
Where curiosity switches to procrastinatory escaping.
18. Rain or Snow?
The snow here in NC since returning from California has been nice: a few snow storms that actually have a nice blanket for a day or so (or more!) but then it's melted and gone. Nothing like that one year in Philly where ice and snow made getting around miserable for a month.
19. Piercings?
Simply for one pair of earrings.
20. Age?
Middle, probably. Although i wonder if i will have the vitality to enjoy a long one.
21. Are you moody?
22. Favorite vehicle ?
Well, my heart was broken by a Jeep wrangler that turned out to be a pile of repairs. The Bonneville
with a V8 was a glorious machine for the cross country drives i made in it. I think keeping the Ranger for high clearance purposes and getting something very energy efficient for most driving around may be environmentally responsible.
23. Kids?
24. Favorite color?
Again with the favorites!
25. Employed?
26. Can you whistle?
27. Where were you born?
28. Favorite movies?
I think even if i did favorites, i wouldn't have a favorite movie. I am not as excited about rewatching movies i've seen as others seem to be.
29. Ever Been Arrested?
30. Surgeries?
Not what are usually considered surgeries. There's a standard screening procedure that's showing up on my chart as a surgery, though. I think it will be my third?
31. Religious?
I'm not sure if answering "Quaker" is a yes or no.
32. Shower or Bath?
I've moved from preferring baths to showers, except on cold winter Saturdays when i have a book i can read in a steaming tub.
33. Like gambling?
34. Are you reliable?
Not as much as i would like to be.
35. Broken bones?
An arm as a child.
36. How many tv’s in your house?
37. Worst pain ever?
Interestingly, my mind responds with when i had a very high fever from pneumonia. Not pain in the usual sense, but that's been the worst.
38. Do you like to dance?
Erm, i enjoyed Contra dancing but the community seemed very bonded. In some lifetime i might have enjoyed more folk dancing, but not this life.
39. Are your parents still alive?
Yes, and one grandparent.
40. Do you like camping ?
Yes, although now that i have woods right outside, i am far less motivated.


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I am generally unfamiliar with ramen outside of cellophane packets. The local co-op is selling freshly made ramen and dumplings for $10 and $5 for take out once a month. (tickets here.)

I guess i need to spring for it to find out if it's worth it. I wish they had more photos. It might be enough for two?

Current state of the Me: I aggressively rested yesterday.

I did run some errands which included clearing out more than i brought home, which was good. The bringing home included a failed solution for dealing with the weather stripping at the base of the front door. My attempt to install the slide-on door sweep ruined the doorsweep past returnable condition, to my personal standard, so i was cranky about that.

Feeling uninterested in doing some things i need to do, i began going through email, texts, and my journal to assemble for Mom a narrative of her stroke. I think it was good to remember how hard that time was.

Marlowe had the day out and with Carrie yesterday. It's gone well, although Carrie does get a little excited. Carrie seems to know to run outside when she gets excited, so that's a lovely behavior. Marlowe is hanging out at the back door or at a window where she can look out: we certainly won't let her out until she's been spayed. I really don't want to deal with constricting her space.


My employer has become much more oriented towards surveillance. I’m sure the motives are honorable, that is, the expense is justified as protecting the organization from users clicking on websites that may deliver malware, but it leads me to be aware how little privacy i have despite working at home. A colleague has in the past determined how to keep non-work traffic from going through the work VPN, which is desirable from simply a bandwidth maximization point of view. I shall figure that out sooner or later. Nonetheless, the surveillance does motivate more separation of private life from work life. I am glad this is not the era of my horrible director during which journaling was a thin thread to hold onto sanity. Nonetheless, my current depression isn’t peaches, either. At least it’s not directly tied to a particular person.

I did not join Mom and Dad in the visit to the pulmonologist visit today, as i’ve been coughing enough to be mistaken for the patient.


OMG yum

Decide to make preserved lemons after reading a half dozen different instructions, with the plan to go the saltier route: just salt and lemon juice, essentially packing the lemons in salt.

The next day, pick the top cluster of leaves off a sage plant. Read about browning butter. Spoon off a tablespoon of salty lemon juice into a small measuring cup. Melt unsalted butter, watch the swirl, the foam go from white to pale gold. Add the sage, stir and keep looking for the color to change. Decide maybe it's not hot enough. Turn up the heat. Swirl. Decide to add the salty lemon juice - whatever. Swirl. Decide it's probably fine enough and turn off the pan - except really go to high. Watch the butter foam. Puzzle, look at the dial, pull it off the eye. Look at the deep chestnut color the butter has taken. Slowly pick the sage out. Nibble on the sage: it's crispy, the lemon salt is incredible.

Put all the remaining crispy sage bits on a cracker and savor.

I've tried frying sage before but i think i must have used olive oil. This was completely different. I'll add this over broccoli to roast.