October 20th, 2019


Saturday Gardening

I came home from Mom and Dad's in the late afternoon on Friday, as they had an appointment. I sat out in the orchard working, and was able to work late. We brought out the fire pit and gave it a go. It didn't really keep me as warm as i would hope. I suspect (1) we need to start the fire earlier and (2) the sticks we have aren't really firewood. I suspect warm glowing coals need a nice log. By starting earlier more sticks might participate in making a coal bed.

I also tried to grill some veggie skewers, but -- even lifing the grate up -- it wasn't warm enough.

It was lovely and pleasant though.

I spent Saturday morning pulling vitals and lipid panels from the past ten plus years into a single view. Collapse )

My conclusion is that some very small changes i have made to my diet are probably sufficient changes. If anything, i think i will become a little more resistant to some processed food snacks and in particular try to figure out where trans-fats might be entering my diet.

In the blessedly temperate weather yesterday I puttered in the yard for a good while. Collapse )