October 2nd, 2019



I've tried hard to keep the focus on work the past few days. Work focus is OK although the procrastination project isn't as addressed as i would like. Wednesday was all scheduled meetings so i let my guard down.

Monday night i cut down a good many of the remaining dog fennel, eight to ten foot tall hollow stalks covered with feathery foliage and even more feathery flowers. I mainly want to prevent them from going completely to seed and to use the plants as mulch along the fence line. I've started to worry, though, that i'm letting them develop a significant root structure in the septic field. Collapse )

We continue with no rain. The last significant rainfall was September 6, with two days where we had a hundredth of an inch since then. The forecast shows thunderstorms in a few days, but that's an unreliable pattern (heavy in the narrow path of a storm, nothing to the sides).

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