September 29th, 2019


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Near blizzard conditions and record snow in Montana; Lorenzo Cat 5 and as far east as a Cat 5 has been known to roam. We've had 0.63" of rain this month, so far, with 0.61" of that from Dorian.

Yesterday i drained the whole rain tank into the garden. I don't know if the green beans are failing because i let them get too dry or if it's their time. If they perk up, it will be clear, but if they don't there will be the question of whether it was too late.

The okra i planted in July are setting fruit. I might be lucky and get a month's worth from them.

I sulked most of the day. I went out to sharpen the blades on the wood chipper, but found that the bolts are put on too tight for me to get off with a hand wrench. I can get my socket wrench on one, and removed that, but the other two don't have clearance for the socket wrench.

I then puttered around the yard but i was hot and miserable. And i didn't keep hydrated: in retrospect, that was probably part of the issue. I ended up netflix binging on Haven, which i had watched ages ago.

Hmm- i spent time thinking about getting someone with the right tools to come over... but there are those wrenches that have holes like sockets. I don't need a whole set, but if i got the one that would fit these specific nuts.... Lowes it is.

I hope i have a more engaged day today and can get prepared for the work week.

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