September 27th, 2019


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Mood - depressed, funk

Work - last two days very engaged but not with procrastination project

PLANTS! Just placed the bare root native tree order with the local farm store!

“Behind” the drive way island after we take out a few autumn olive and Sweetgum. No stilt grass in this spot, but deer traffic high. The buckeye and hazel are for visual interest (and pollinators), The beech will probably go near last year's beech. 30 years until beechnuts: will the beech leaf curl disease be resolved by then?

Yellow buckeye LNT1
American beech LNT2
Witch hazel NS 1

“Below” the meadow: a stilt grass/honeysuckle/autumn olive area we are clearing to the north of the orchard and the meadow (aka septic field) It's opened up a good bit as the sad, honeysuckle crushed trees are removed and gets much sun. The thicket is to the east of the orchard and far shadier. When the west of the meadow is cleared of autumn olive, i want to establish a line of the shallow rooted elderberries there, selected varieties like York: apparently they're OK closeish to septic fields. This native can act as a pollinator.

Basswood LNT5
Persimmons SNT 1&2 (possibly thicket)
Sassafrass SNT 3&4 (possibly thicket)
Elderberry NS2

N edge of east yard -- it's the wettest spot, not sure wet enough.
Both willows LNT 3&4

Orchard -- to get a colony of this established as a ground cover. Then try fighting the stilt grass with it....
Yellowroot NS3