September 12th, 2019


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The week has not been the best. Very humid so little inspiration to outside. Christine has had migraines and elephants and is conflicted over a get together with friends that is not quite scheduled perfectly for her radio responsibilities. I'm back off to Mom and Dad's today after continuing procrastination & avoidance of anxiety provoking project at work. I should work on data models and diagrams today: that makes me happy.

I wrote the county forester this morning as i believe one of the dead pines -- the one closet to the power line -- has Southern Pine Beetles infesting it.

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I would LOVE for the county forester to come talk to me about my woods. I wonder if we should timber the front. There are a few good sized hardwoods mixed in with the pines so it wouldn't be pathetic, but oaks need the shade and the oaks i've seen are still rather spindly. I had hoped for more time, time to plant chinqapins and hybrid chestnuts and filberts and persimmons and pawpaws and more beeches.

Must run - time for commute