September 10th, 2019


Awesome, not depressing, 200 pageish science fiction since 2014

[personal profile] egret is asking for a recommendation for her syllabus and, while she and i share some connections, we don't share all our connections, and i think some of you who aren't connected to her may have advice.

In addition to the above, the book should appeal to young people of all races and genders.


I am a lousy reader. I also read ebooks so i have NO idea how long they are. But from my notes i can pull up these:

I have notes about Join, and can't recall it (clearly?): Also don't know about "not depressing."

The Ancillary series is probably longer than desired?

Jemsin's The Broken Earth -- is that more fantasy?

Becky Chambers' Wayfarers series has great world building and is about identity in many ways -- seems good for younger folks.

Any other ideas?



Working from Mom & Dad's, the sound of Dad urging Mom through her daily exercises muffled by the door but audible. Oh, parents.

I am in self-created procrastination work hell. I know a good part of what's going on is my own fear of my impact on the company: i am making big recommendations, not in the details recommendations. I finally got a head of steam going yesterday afternoon, so i worked to dusk. This is me procrastinating in the morning.... again.

Christine had a rough afternoon between elephants and a likely migraine. This morning she had finally decided the headache was a migraine, and so hopefully the migraine meds are alleviating the symptoms.

Maybe i ought to take something for the stress headache i'm building....